Tuesday, January 8, 2013

IF - Edge

We've been in a drawing mood lately, and we've been thinking we ought to try to keep up with the Illustration Friday prompts. Not exactly a resolution, but one drawing a week isn't much. And it's often good to have someone else suggest a subject.

This week, the subject is 'Edge'. Hmmmm..... Often the effect of the prompt is immediate. An idea comes to mind, and over the next day or so the composition comes into focus for us. Like an itch we resist scratching, we hold off drawing until it's all there in our mind. Or at least, until most of it's there. The bare bones. Sometimes things just happen when we start to draw.

With 'edge', we just came up empty. Hence, this little mouse and his lady friend, enjoying a late night snack. Mr. Mouse is tap, tap-dancing along the edge of the cookie tin. That's it. The best we can do.

When we first moved to our house on this rural property, we were horrified to find we were moving in with mice. While cute in children's books, in your kitchen, they're a different matter. Over time, by scrupulously tightening up every conceivable entrance, we've finally made headway. We don't tempt fate by leaving the lid off the cookie tin though.


  1. Your illustration speaks volumes about the personalities. Some really do embrace life on the edge, and this gay fellow appears to be that way. (Would I be living on the edge if I asked why your Illustration Friday is posted on a Tuesday? :)

  2. So fun and cute! I love their little accessories!

  3. Beautiful illustration! Love the expressions!

  4. I love it when other come up with the subject too! This is adorable! Good thing you have your kitty around! Mine has found more than a few mice in her days!

  5. Glad you are back drawing. I have missed them.

  6. Oh, to be as brave as Mr. Mouse, Cheryl... tempting fate as it were. I'm likelier to be Mrs. Mouse, demurely sipping tea in a quiet corner LOL. And I prefer my mice on paper as well.


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