Saturday, November 22, 2014

Christmas leftover socks

I am a saver. OK, a hoarder. I made a pair of Christmas socks for someone special way back in 2009. I used Wisdom Yarns' Marathon Socks in the North Pole colourway. The required red and green, plus a gold glint. I had a little bit left. I very carefully put it away in its own little baggy, and promptly lost it. Completely lost track of it. :(

There's a very special little person now, and I thought, "How cool to make that little girl a pair of matching socks!" Yes, indeed. That WOULD be cool, IF the yarn wasn't lost. So, imagine my glee when I found that yarn this week while searching for something else. It was well stashed. But now, it's found. All is forgiven.

The original skein weighed 100 gr. This leftover weighs 30 gr. I have my notes from 2009, although the notes are nowhere near as thorough as they ought to be. I do better now, keeping everything in a nice hard-backed notebook with colour photos.

Here is the first sock. I know, it doesn't look much like a sock yet. More like a tube with a toe, right? I've planned afterthought heels. You can just about see where they'll go. Will they be fraternal twins or identical twins?? Stay tuned to find out, 'cuz I really don't know yet.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

In the recovery room

After the surgery. Patient doing well.

Here she is pre-op.

And here she is during the operation.

And here is what you use to block such an oddly shaped hat.

Three ceramic bowls, in case it isn't clear.

And here is what she looks like when worn, from the front. See how the bat is centred? I'm especially happy with that. Thanks to my friend Karen for reminding me that the theme song includes the memorable "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, BATMAN!!" How could I have forgotten that? And to Mr. Coco who said he liked the "POW!" bits that appeared when violent acts took place. :)

I used the Naniboujou Lodge Hat pattern as a jumping off point for this hat. So far, I've switched in elephants and bats and assorted text messages. It's a fun knit.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

To distract you while we work on those bats

I'm very happy to be part of a Canadian initiative providing warm woollies to kids in Canada's far north. It's called Warm Hands Network. They have a Ravelry group which is very active.

Recently we had some CBC coverage, and made some new contacts.  We heard from a man in Cape Dorset who works in the local school. He says many of the kids live in poverty. There are boys who wear baseball caps in winter because that's all they have. It's -50C up there. As a Canadian, this makes me sad. If it makes you sad, too, you can do something about it. Knit something! and mail it to the organizer who lives in Ottawa. Join us! You can find all the details and the mailing address at the above link.

Here's a wonderful graphic that one of the members made to show all the places we've sent knitting in the 7 years that the Warm Hands Network has been in operation.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fear not! I have a plan

The Batman Cap had a problem. The tension of the bat motif was too tight! The rest of the cap stretches nicely. The bats wouldn't. :( So, after having a nice, long nap, I decided.....

Why not? I've got the top of the cap on needles, and I'm going to rip out those bats, and re-do them. Once they're willing to play well with the others, I'll graft the 2 sections back together. Yes. Graft them, like the toe of a sock. A very long sock toe.

Think it'll work?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another lovely green mystery

... and another pair for the gift pile.

Mr. Coco saw this sock yarn come into the Kingdom, and I think he was a little worried the stocks were intended for him. However, I know him well enough by now to be certain this would not be his colour. Too flashy!

However, they fit him, and he was gracious enough to model them for the camera this morning while the sun was streaming in. See the cable? One runs down the outside (or the inside) of each sock.

The wool is Lang Jawoll Magic. Started on October 29.

Notice how they are mates. Identical mates. And remember this. I knit a pair of men's socks in 2011 from the same yarn, (slightly) different colourway. They, too, ended up identical mates. Again, I say this is a complete and total fluke. Had I knit a smaller size, or a shorter leg, the colour repeats would not have lined up. I have one more ball of this stuff in my stash, in a beige/tan mix. Once I knit that up I will be able to say for sure, but until then, I believe if you knit a 72-stitch man-size sock on 2.5 mm needles, with 8 inch legs, and almost 10-inch-long feet, this yarn will produce identical twin socks. Against all odds, I just happened to knit that combination with this wool, totally by chance.

Friday, November 14, 2014

My little helper

Cassie oversees most of what goes on around here, often while seated on my lap (as she is here). She seems to have a particular fondness for Batman.